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Put your money where your mouth is, and finally accomplish your goals!

Boost is an application that utilizes social, financial stakes and data in order to help users to accomplish their health and fitness goals. It does this by employing the concept of loss aversion, where users are encouraged to achieve their goal within a deadline in order to win back their stake. At the end of every month, Boost donates a percentage of lost stakes to charity, such as S.E.E.D.S.

How does Boost work?

Step 1 -- Choose an activity to create a goal. Set a target, a deadline and stake an amount of money to achieve the goal.


Step 2 -- Track your activity using your phone or any of your HealthKit enabled third-party apps and wearable technology.


Step 3 -- Share your goals with your friends & family! Make your goals a reality with the support of others.


Step 4 -- Win back your stake amount by achieving your target within your deadline! If You are unsuccessful, then you will lose your stake amount.

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